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Our love for dogs of all sorts, eventually led us to the Great Dane. And once you have had a Great Dane in your life there is no turning back!


Breed Description: Gracefully goofy, brave and daring wimps, funny and firm, energetic and dashing couch potatoes, gentle though destructive, shy attention seeking, giant lapdogs; the Great Dane is a big-hearted hilarious blend of contradictions. 


ELEGANSER is our registered breeder prefix. It is derived from Elegant and Geese (Latin genus name; Anser) because, well, they are. We are quite literal, without taking ourself too seriously.


We were lucky enough to get two wonderful girls, Friday and Sophie from Quintessa Kennels. Firstly as pets and family members, but also to show. Three years later, we are just about getting the hang of it. Sort of. We have fun and we love our dogs, and we laugh at ourselves (and more at the dogs). After all, what would life be without them?! Pretty boring I guess...


I hope you like our page, which is a dedication and bio of our celebrations, tribulations and GREAT LOVE for our dogs.



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